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  • OHA Health Achieve 2007 – thoughts from day 2

    Wow. What an exciting day. Yesterday on day 1, I heard Colin Powell speak about leadership at the opening address. Today, I stayed for the entire day and attended both the morning and afternoon sessions. Morning Session – “Innovation and all that Jazz” by Wynton Marsalis Originally, I wasn’t sure if I was going to […]

  • HCTP Annual Interdisciplinary Workshop – Thoughts from Day 2

    Before I get into some of my thoughts on the issues and ideas presented during the second and final day of the workshop, I had a few additional thoughts based on yesterday’s posting. The first thought, and perhaps most interesting to me, is about ehealth (my apologies for using the term “ehealth” as if it […]

  • eHealth in the news

    Here are some news that I stumbled onto regarding eHealth during the past week or so: European e-Government to get €37.5M from EU eTEN programme Funding announcement for public-private projects on Europe’s “e” projects, including eHealth. DO-IT-YOURSELF diagnosis is a popular online activity An article in the Friday March 5, 2004 edition of the Toronto […]

  • Reading list

    As part of my PhD preparations, I’ve been spending large portions of my reading, and still finding that there is too much material to cover. I’m in the midst of compiling a reading list for ehealth. The plan is to post this growing list in the research section of my site once I get a […]

  • A sign of things to come?

    An article from the E-Health Insider reports that Microsoft is in discussions with National Health Service/National Program for IT on how Microsoft “software can be best configured to support delivery of the national programme”. Nothing too spectacular about the article in and of itself, but I think this type of report may be foreshadowing things […]

  • Special issue on eHealth by IPTS Report

    The most recent IPTS Report (a monthly report published by the Institute for Prospective Technological Studies affiliated with the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre) is titled “Aspects of eHealth“**. There are several interesting articles and is available in four other languages other than English. Seven articles are available online: “The challenges to the medical decision […]