eHealth in the news

Here are some news that I stumbled onto regarding eHealth during the past week or so:

European e-Government to get €37.5M from EU eTEN programme

Funding announcement for public-private projects on Europe’s “e” projects, including eHealth.

DO-IT-YOURSELF diagnosis is a popular online activity

An article in the Friday March 5, 2004 edition of the Toronto Star. Alex Jadad was interviewed for this article.


  • E-health 2004: Challenges today for success tomorrow: The annual COACH conference to be held in Vancouver BC from May 8-11, 2004.
  • MedInfo2004: Building high performance health care organizations: This year, the annual AMIA conference and the MedInfo conference are being jointly held in San Francisco from September 7 – 11, 2004. I’m told that the AMIA/MedInfo conferences are the conferences to attend for those interested in the academic side of medical/health informatics and eHealth. The HIMMS conferences are geared more toward vendors and products. I would love to attend this conference – hopefully I’ll be able to find funding to help me out.

    Health Affairs article

    Health Affairs just published an article titled “Physicians’ use of electronic medical records: Barriers and solutions” trying to make a link between use of EMRs and improved quality of care.