Hans has been at the intersection of people, health services and innovation and the forefront of identifying and evaluating disruptive innovations to improve the delivery of health care services and has worked directly with health providers/hospitals, payers, life sciences, tech companies, private equity firms, and government agencies.

Not tied to any single process, Hans uses a blend of mixed method and multi-disciplinary approaches to solve problems and combines the best available evidence to develop practical and innovative solutions. Steadfast in balancing individual needs within a broader context, his focus is on both system level and individual impact.

Hans has:
* developed corporate strategies for organizations of all sizes from start-up to large, multi-national enterprises
* developed new business models to unlock growth<
* identified investment and growth opportunities in health care
* led product strategy and management
* developed mobile technology solutions for physicians
* assessed, evaluated, and benchmarked hospital and health system performance
* re-engineered business processes and clinical workflows
* led fundraising and capital financing efforts
* led analytics and digital transformation efforts

He revels in entrepreneurial, team, and “think-tank” environments. Recognized for his innovative thinking, intelligence, work ethic, and personable demeanor, he is resourceful and able to unearth issues quickly and with great accuracy. His leadership skills are best described by a colleague: “Hans is a generous and giving mentor and teacher and inspires others to draw upon their strengths and gifts”.


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  1. Jan Johansen Avatar

    Hi Hans,

    Thanks for your very interesting blog.

    I am specialized in the areas of IT Security, and in particular solutions for strong authentication and proof of identity.

    I would love to hear your perspective on the adoption in the health care space of stronger authentication technologies such as biometrics and smart cards, and if you are interested, start a dialog on this subject.

    Many thanks,

    Jan T. Johansen
    Hi-Tech Strategy Consulting
    (510) 755 1162