Reading list

As part of my PhD preparations, I’ve been spending large portions of my reading, and still finding that there is too much material to cover. I’m in the midst of compiling a reading list for ehealth. The plan is to post this growing list in the research section of my site once I get a chance to work on it. Here is a list of my initial suggestions (apologies in advance for incomplete references):

  • “Innovator’s dilemma” by Clayton Christensen
  • “Ingenuity Gap” by Homer-Watson
  • “Why we buy” by Paco Underhill – this isn’t an ehealth reference per se, but it gets people to think outside of the box
  • “Medical Informatics: Computer applications in health care and biomedicine” edited by Shortcliffe et al
  • “Evaluation methods in medical informatics” by Friedman & Wyatt
  • “The promise of eHealth” by Alvarez published in eHealth International
  • “Evaluating informatics applications–some alternative approaches: theory, social interactionism, and call for methodological pluralism” by Kaplan published in the International Journal of Medical Informatics

There are more, but this is just a start. Any additional suggestions?