Category: open source

  • Future directions for eHealth interfaces

    As our understanding of technology increases, I’m sure that we will be able to interact with computers and other technologies in different ways. Currently, we essentially use a keyboard and a screen. The BBC reports on some new technology developments that suggest new possible ways of interacting with computers using “body talk“. What I find […]

  • "The Cathedral and the Bazaar"

    Review Okay, I’ve finished reading The Cathedral and the Bazaar by Eric Raymond and I must say that I am now far more educated on the subject of “open source”. From a purely “book review” perspective, Raymond does a wonderful job of balancing the conceptual issues with the more technical examples related to open source. […]

  • Open Source

    I’ve been thinking about open source software (OSS) and its potential. Actually, I’m interested in investigating the relationship, if any, between OSS and ehealth. I understand the following things about OSS: there is a range of understanding/definitions regarding the term “open source” the OSS “movement” is growing What really boggles me is in trying to […]