Future directions for eHealth interfaces

As our understanding of technology increases, I’m sure that we will be able to interact with computers and other technologies in different ways. Currently, we essentially use a keyboard and a screen. The BBC reports on some new technology developments that suggest new possible ways of interacting with computers using “body talk“.

What I find most interesting is the potential application to ehealth, particularly for those people/patients with physical disabilities – these new and novel interfaces could potentially offer “augmentative” technologies to access health resources. The current technology profiled is focused on handheld or mobile technologies, but the concept could be expanded to include other technologies. Dr. Brewster explains that “If you could do something with your hands, or other gestures you would not have to take it out of your pocket”. This type of interface seems wonderfully suited for applications in healthcare.

Some local research currently underway at the University of Toronto includes Dr. Steven Mann’s work using the eye. You can read more about his research at http://eyetap.org.