Games for Health Day – May 9, 2006

Hello all,

I’m sorry for not posting more frequently, but I am only just recovering from a month filled with colds, flus, and other ailments. Being sick definitely sucks.

Anyway, a while back, I started a series (but didn’t get a chance to finish) on my predictions for disruptive technologies in health care. One of my predictions was that video games will be a disruptive technology in health care.

Much to my delight and surprise, I was told of a “full-day event devoted to the use of games and game technologies in health and healthcare”. The event is “Games for Health Day” to be held on May 9th, 2006 in Los Angeles, California. I was able to check-out the main web-site for the hosting organization (Games for Health) which operates the “Serious Games Initiative“. This work definitely is intriguing. I’m hoping to contact some people there and do a follow-up.

In any case, you can find Games for Health Day brochure, schedule, and an introductory video of the project on or via I hope that many people will have an opportunity to attend and get inspired by some new ideas and approaches.