Free thinking Fridays

I just returned from one of my regular meetings of the “Monday Morning group” (we now meet on Fridays). Today’s discussion was tentatively about Michel Foucault, using Discipline and Punish as the text. We weren’t able to get into a real in-depth discussion because the group had difficulty understanding the text. Why is it that Foucault (and other philosophers in general) are so difficult to understand? I’ve observed that there is a wealth of literature written about Foucault. I get the impression that Foucault is very influential to much of the social sciences, and perhaps now the “biomedical” sciences.

The discussion lead us back to one of our favourite topics: paradigms and metaphors. It was interesting to see how these two concepts interplayed with the notions of power and living in the present. I’m interested in this notion of post-modern science and what the ramifications are for the future.

On a totally different note, I’ve been asked to start contributing to the Centre for Global eHealth Innovation’s blog (under development) – more to come on this subject.