Publication Update – What is eHealth?

Great news. My article (Oh, Rizo, Enkin, Jadad – What is eHealth (3): A Systematic Review of Published Definitions) is now indexed on PubMed/Medline. You can see the page here.

Okay, now for my second update. To my surprise, another paper on the same topic was published just a month after mine in the Journal of Medical Internet Research (JMIR). This paper is titled: “What is eHealth (4): A Scoping Exercise to Map the Field” by Pagliari, Gregor, Sullivan, Detmer, Kahan, Oortwijn, and MacGillivray. The authors took a much different approach to define “eHealth”. Basically, the authors surveyed the literature to see how the term was being used, collected some definitions, and then created a “mental map” of the concepts. Finally, the authors suggest two definitions as being the most “comprehensive and representative” of the term “eHealth”.

Actually, what was interesting is that we discussed adding elements of a scoping exercise in our review, but ultimately decided to stick to a more traditional review. We started examining the frequency of use, common concepts associated with eHealth, debated the value of suggesting one definition as *the* definition, and even contemplated creating our own. In the end, we came to a consensus to leave the definitions as they are, and to create a resource for others to use.