Update on systematic review – evaluation frameworks

The systematic review for health informatics/ehealth evaluation frameworks continues slowly. I just realized that there may be another potential source of data that I never considered previously – academic websites. Let me explain…

So far, my search strategy has been as follows:

  • Electronic indices: Medline & Embase
  • University of Toronto library catalogue
  • Manual search of reference lists
  • Personal libraries: Myself, my supervisor, and my committee members
  • [planned] Expert opinion: Contacting experts in the field and asking them for additional sources

While I was compiling a list of experts and trying to hunt down their contact information, I started doing some reading some of the bio-sketches available on their academic websites. For example, I was looking up Enrico Coiera and noticed his academic affiliation to the Centre for Health Informatics at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia. Anyway, as I was reading, I noticed a section reserved for publications and found at least one potentially useful source.

So, now I may need to scan the websites of the health informatics/medical informatics/ehealth research centres because they may all have a section for publications. I suspect the challenges will be with the references in non-academic journals (e.g., reports).