It doesn’t look right…

Well, there goes another day. I spent most of the day learning how to use “master documents” in Microsoft Word (I’m using Office XP Professional). Gotta admit that after trying to work through the idiosyncracies of Word, WordPerfect sure is a great word-processor. The advanced features were so easy to use, especially things like drop caps, water marks, and master documents.

One thing that is somewhat curious regards the formatting and aesthetics of a document. “Professionally” created documents have this … *look* to them that distinguishes them from other documents. To illustrate this idea, I point to the look and feel of websites. I think it has something to do with layout, images, and text. There’s just something visually pleasing about the “professional” sites. I know that when I look upon my website, it isn’t professional looking, even though I wish it were.

Anyway, back to my point about master documents. I’ve been trying to format the document consistently with building frustration. If you use the default Microsoft style formats, things are fine (if not boring). I’ve decided to change the way my document (my dissertation) looks, and I’m wasting so much time on the formatting because I want it to look good. There’s got to be a better way.

This post isn’t very ehealth or education related. Just more of a vent for frustration built-up over the course of a day.