Telehealth Resources

Here are some interesting telehealth resources that I’ve come across in the past few days:

I will try and post some interesting articles on telehealth in the next few days.







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  1. William Hill Avatar

    Through the use of telecommunication and computer networking telecommunications, telemedicine extends the reach of medical personnel over geographic areas and improves access to medical care and health care for all. One impact of telemedicine will be to democratize the future of medicine into what I think will be called ‘medicine 3.0’. As a result, telemedicine will facilitate the involvement of patients in their own health and medical care to an extent never before witnessed.

    The advent of high definition television, broadband bandwidth, lightning fast transmission rates, and reliable devices for collecting bio data in our homes will allow medical professionals to conduct triage, diagnostic consultations, and remote follow-up treatment with patients, as well as provide guidance to home caregivers. Interactive communications will allow patients and care providers access to information, advice, and guidance to improve home-based medical and health care.

    The danger, however, is that the possibility that telemedicine could be lost if both professional and non-professional users cannot easily and effectively use such systems to meet their numerous medical and health care related needs. The discipline of human factors and ergonomics can play an important role in making telemedicine a successful part of the medical and health care industries. Eventually, the medical/health/pharmaceutical markets will combine into one!