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  • A coming wave?

    I must say that I’ve become very impressed with the software created by open-source community. Three projects that I’ve recently used come to mind: Firefox/Mozilla, Open Office, and Filezilla. What amazes me is how quickly these projects have evolved into stable, high quality products. In fact, I have used Firefox as my primary browser for […]

  • "The Cathedral and the Bazaar"

    Review Okay, I’ve finished reading The Cathedral and the Bazaar by Eric Raymond and I must say that I am now far more educated on the subject of “open source”. From a purely “book review” perspective, Raymond does a wonderful job of balancing the conceptual issues with the more technical examples related to open source. […]

  • Open Source

    I’ve been thinking about open source software (OSS) and its potential. Actually, I’m interested in investigating the relationship, if any, between OSS and ehealth. I understand the following things about OSS: there is a range of understanding/definitions regarding the term “open source” the OSS “movement” is growing What really boggles me is in trying to […]