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  • HealthAchieve 2010: ehealthachieve “meaningful use” panel discussion

    Didn’t get a chance to write a post of the eHealthAchieve session on “meaningful use” but I did manage to tweet the main points which were raised. It was an interesting experience tweeting. If you want to follow the points, look my handle (@hansmixer) on twitter and search for the #HealthAchieve tag. You can also […]

  • HealthAchieve 2010: Going for Gold (Day 2 – morning feature session)

    This session opened with a video of highlights from the 2010 Vancouver Olympics and Paralympics with the official Olympic song, “I Believe”. Gotta admit that seeing the images again pulled some emotions. The session was moderated by Brian Williams who started off with an interesting and funny story. He then spoke about the changing attitude […]

  • HealthAchieve 2010: HR session by Nick Vujicic (Day 2 – morning)

    I was able to catch the tail end of the morning HR Session with motivational speaker Nick Vujicic. I don’t know the details of his story, but what I do know is that he doesn’t have any arms and legs. My first thought was “how does he dress himself?” which the person next to me […]

  • HealthAchieve 2010: eHealthAchieve opening session (Day 2 morning)

    The focus of the opening session of the eHealthAchieve track was on “smart mobility and clinical collaboration”. There was a panel presentation by IBM, RIM, and Toronto East General Hospital. IBM’s presentation was focused on the benefits of technology in health care settings, namely 1) improving operational effectiveness, 2) achieve better outcomes and quality, and […]

  • HealthAchieve 2010: Opening Session (Day 1 – morning)

    Welcome from HealthAchieve 2010! I was able to attend this year and am looking forward to some interesting presentations, inspiring stories (most likely from the Canadian Olympians), and warm reconnections with colleagues. I’ll try to post some photos to include with the posts (if I remember to take them). As usual, the opening session was […]

  • Why you should attend HealthAchieve

    This year’s HealthAcheive starts on Monday and if you’re still not sure about attending, I would recommend attending if you can. Not sure if I can make it this year, but I’m hoping that I can. Based on my attendance at past events, here are five reasons why you should attend: #1. Listen to Great […]