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  • One step at a time: Pharmacists and physicians exchange patient data electronically

    Canada Health Infoway announced a first in Canada:  Pharmacists and physicians exchanging medical data stored in patients’ electronic medical records. Pharmacists can now “access lab test results, allergies and other vital data from consenting patients’ electronic medical records”, allowing them to “collaborate with physicians and the rest of the provider team and resolve drug-related issues […]

  • The “Google generation” and some implications for ehealth

    The findings of a recent report on how the "Google generation" uses technology and searched for information has some potential implications for ehealth (view the full report [35 slides] or read a summary article via ars technica).  In this case, the Google generation was defined as those kids born since 1993. Kids seem to be […]

  • What can ehealth learn from Steve Jobs, Apple Inc., and Macworld?

    As in the past, I watched the 2008 Macworld keynote address by Steve Jobs.  This time, I was a bit surprised by some of the responses of the media and crowd.  Apple’s stock getting hammered didn’t help.  In any case, I think there are some good lessons for ehealth, and health care in general, that […]

  • Peering into the (ehealth) fog of war …

    At one point in time, a long time ago (around 2000), I wondered if centralized, government maintained electronic health records was the way to go.  In defense of this position, my arguments revolved around the notions of efficiency and control, in that it was easier for systems to be monitored, maintained, and updated if they […]

  • ehealth election madness

    Here in Ontario, we’re in the midst of a provincial election. Voting day is October 10, 2007 and I suspect that the level of attacks will increase as voting day approaches. I’m not writing about political parties, but I am somewhat surprised with some of the debate regarding ehealth. The former government (Ontario Liberal Party […]

  • Podcasting in healthcare – 2007 update

    As some of my readers might remember, I ran a series of posts on examining the potential role of podcasting in healthcare. At the time, I wasn’t too keen on podcasting in healthcare: In my first post, Podcasting in Healthcare: Is there a future?, I discussed some of the challenges and potential uses of podcasting. […]

  • A prescription for Google Health?

    About a year ago, Google indicated that “health care information matters”, with little to report since then. Google seemed to have formed a health board comprised of physicians and some patients to guide its efforts. Recently, I’ve read a few pieces speculating about Google’s efforts toward building a health care product/service (here and here). In […]

  • Nintendo Wii: A glimpse into the future of health promotion?

    I’ve been very impressed with the Nintendo Wii. The game system is simple to use and very fun. Even though I have a Sony Playstation 2, I hardly ever play it any more. When I do try to play it, I find the games to be far too complicated to play (especially trying to learn […]