[upcoming] e-Patients: Changing the health care system in real-time

Here’s an upcoming conference that sounds very interesting. It’s being hosted by the Ontario Hospital Association (OHA) and it’s called “e-Patients: Changing the Health Care System in Real-Time“. The conference is scheduled for September 21, 2010 in Toronto.

The objective of the program is:

Our key objectives at this leading edge conference are to prepare you to better engage patients on a real time basis, and to address fears, opportunities and risks in this context. Attendees will also hear presentations on how social media could change health care delivery and outcomes, and how it can empower and engage patients, drive their satisfaction and even improve their treatment options.

Some of the speakers include:

  • Kevin Leonard, Patient Advocate and Professor @ University of Toronto
  • Ken Anderson, Assistant Commissioner of Privacy (Ontario)
  • Alex Jadad, Professor @ University of Toronto
  • Doug Gosling, Patient Advocate
  • Neil Seeman, Director, Health Strategy Innovation Cell

The a PDF of the full program can be downloaded here.