Tips on Becoming a Scientist

Here’s an interesting little article from Scientific American reporting from the 60th annual Nobel Laureaute Lectures at Lindau titled “So you want to become a scientist“.

Apparently, a panel of successful scientists provided some insight in terms of carving out a successful career as a scientist. You should read the explanations in the article, but here are the main points:

  • Play hard
  • Learn to translate what you do for others
  • Make time for your family
  • Collaboration goes both ways
  • Know when to stop

They all seem like good tips to me and are probably applicable to any career.





One response to “Tips on Becoming a Scientist”

  1. jason lee chertoff Avatar

    Interesting. They never taught me this in medical school. Check out my blog in case you are a scientist or physician that has a fishing problem. Thanks Jason