HBR: Turning doctors into leaders

A very interesting article from Harvard Business Review titled “Turning doctors into leaders” by Thomas H. Lee. Lee explains some of the challenges in health care and offers some potential solutions. I get the sense that the main thrust of the article is that for physicians to let go of the notion that leadership is only about clinical excellence. In fact, physicians will need to adopt the notions of value, working in teams, using data, and becoming patient-centric.






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  1. David McLeod Avatar
    David McLeod

    Yes, a lot of the rhetoric by people who aren’t doctors is that somehow the docs from the past (standoffish, self-centred, and soloists) are still the prototypes today so they write articles about them. The playing field has changed a fair bit. Frankly, as a physician I wouldn’t want one of that old stereotype leading me or any part of the health care system. Also people write articles about docs learning to be like other leaders in healthcare now.. those that can be swayed by politics, hidden agendas, polarized idealism and that the MBA is mightier than the caduceus. Many of them actualize aspired to being docs but couldn’t get into med school. Given my druthers I would rather follow someone is for the patients.. one at a time… than for the votes or political beliefs or has a chip on their shoulder about medical school!