Introducing bant – a diabetes management iPhone app

Just wanted to congratulate the folks at the Centre for Global eHealth Innovation for releasing bant, a diabetes management app for the iPhone.

From the bant website:

bant simplifies your diabetes management. Enter your readings with a single swipe. Store it instantly to your Google Health account. Share your experience with the diabetes community through Twitter.

bant makes blood glucose data capture easy, and sharing your experience even easier.

The app is available for free on the iTunes store, but I wonder if they could have charged a nominal fee of $0.99 and indicated that all proceeds go toward diabetes research. Would be interesting to see if people would be willing to pay if they knew the app was not-for-profit and goes directly to funding research.






2 responses to “Introducing bant – a diabetes management iPhone app”

  1. Abdallah AlHakim Avatar
    Abdallah AlHakim

    sounds like a fantastic product. Also, this was the first I have heard of the centre of global ehealth innovation. Looks like they are doing great stuff. These are exactly the types of centres we need in Canada to develop a strong ecosystem of innovation.

  2. Hans Avatar

    Yup, the Centre for Global eHealth Innovation is doing some amazing things. Glad you found the information about bant and the Centre useful.