10 Health Innovations to Watch in 2010

My friend and colleague, Sanjay Cherian, has prepared a very interesting presentation titled “10 health innovations to watch in 2010“. The list of innovations/trends are:

  1. Franchised health care in web2.0
  2. Surgical checklists
  3. Health map and other mobile health technology applications
  4. Direct-to-consumer genetic testing
  5. Reverse innovation
  6. Personalized care plans based on health data
  7. Point of care diagnostic technologies
  8. Health Innovation Cell
  9. Mobile health
  10. Patients Like Me

I definitely agree with some of the trends that Sanjay has identified (see checklists), but it’s great to see some trends like the increase in personalized medicine through point of care testing, direct-to-consumer genetic testin, and personalized care plans. Improvements in mobile technologies and the visualization of health information will be a strong foundation for health care innovation.

You can see this presentation in addition to the others here which includes a description of the innovation/trend and why Sanjay thinks it is important. There is another presentation titled “A model for health system integration in Ontario“.

I’ve known Sanjay for several years, going back to when we both worked at UHN. He’s been someone who has always pushed the boundaries in terms of health care management/health care system thinking by making new ideas practical to fit existing circumstances.