OHA Health Achieve 2009 – Day 2 Exhibitor Floor

Had a chance to visit the exhibitor floor during the lunch break. Was great to see some interesting booths. No one booth stuck out in my mind, but there seemed to be a subdued sense of energy on the floor with quite a bit of networking going on.

A couple of shout-outs to friends, colleagues, and other good people:

  • Oz Huner of NexJ Systems – My understanding is that NexJ works with health care organizations and regions help patients and providers to encourage health-conscious behaviours and promote wellness. I had a great demo of the software on Oz’s Blackberry. Pretty cool.
  • Joe Cafazzo & Anjum Chapar, Human Factors @ Centre for Global eHealth Innovation – Great to see this very important work getting more interest from everyone in the health care sector. They were showing some footage from usability tests and it was just astounding at how bad "state of the art" technology is. If you don’t know about how human factors can affect health care, you really should learn more.
  • Carlos Rizo & Neil Seeman, Innovation Cell – Had a chance to speak to them about some interesting projects they are working to catalogue patient experiences to find ways to improve the system.

I’m always interested in the different types of vendor booths. This year, there seemed to be fewer medical device vendors which was a bit disappointing. The big firms were there but not too many more. From my stroll through the aisles, the informatics/EHR section seems to be growing more and more.

The "green" health seems to be growing as well. What caught my attention was the number of organizations present who were involved in recruitment activities. The issue of health human resources continues to be an important issue.

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2 responses to “OHA Health Achieve 2009 – Day 2 Exhibitor Floor”

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  2. Michelle Floh Avatar

    Hi Hans!

    What a pity that we missed you. VCS Canada launched our company at Health Achieve this year.

    It is our mission to incorporate sales people and contractors into hospital’s patients safety and quality initiatives. Vendors and their staffs are extensions of your hospital operations. They bring significant value to each and every department from introducing new technologies in your operating room to the expansion of your buildings. Hospitals need
    to communicate thier standards and expectations to vendors and document
    their acceptance. VCS Canada centrally presents hospital policies and tracks each
    representative’s acknowledgement so that hospitals can be assured that “I didn’t know”
    isn’t an excuse.

    If anyone is curious about our services we have a movie on our website http://www.vcscanada.ca. or feel free to call us toll free at 866.373.9725.