Theme issue on "health information technology" from Health Affairs

Health Affairs, a “leading journal of health policy thought and research”, just released a theme issue on Health Information Technology. Sorry, but access to the full articles seems to be restricted to subscribers (try accessing it via an academic institution). The table of contents and abstracts are available for free.

You can view the table of contents for this issue (Sept/Oct 2005 ; Vol 24; No. 5) and see that there are a number of interesting articles. I’m both surprised and not surprised that majority of the articles focus upon the electronic health record.

Articles have been grouped by section:

  • Economics of Health Information Technology: 8 articles (4 are perspectives);
  • Interview: Interview with David Brailer;
  • Implementation: 7 articles 3 are perspective);
  • Health Information Technology Policy: 7 articles (3 are perspectives);
  • Health Tracking: 5 articles (the titles are very interesting);
  • Other regular sections

A quick perusal of the titles makes me believe that this issue will be very interesting and perhaps an important one given the rhetoric in the US at this time regarding costs and need for electronic health records. Not having yet read the issue, I would predict that this issue could prove to be a good measuring stick or reference point for the thinking and status of eHealth/health informatics in the US for years to come.

After reading the issue, I’ll try my best and provide an annotated bibliography of the articles here on the blog. Disclaimer: I’m still working through some health issues, so the summaries/reviews may take a while for me to post. I still have a back-log of posts that I want to write, so please be patient with me.







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