Long live the handheld!

by Hans on 2005/05/17

It would seem that the “death of the handheld computer” is somewhat premature. An article in yesterday’s Globe & Mail reports how “smart phones” are being pushed by telecom companies and hardware manufacturers alike as the convergence device of the future.

I would agree that the original “personal digital assistant” (PDA) didn’t stand a chance – think “palm pilot” and how that company is in financial trouble. Basically, a small portable computer like that wasn’t really functional because it wasn’t powerful enough to do the things you want to do on your computer and had no “connectivity” to the Internet or other resources. But, I think the handheld form factor is here to stay.

I’m working on a series of postings outlining my personal predictions on disruptive technologies. I’ll write more about handhelds in a few days when I profile a new technology each day.

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