Upcoming Presentation @ eHealth Conference 2005 Student Symposium

I just learned that I’ll be presenting at this year’s Student Symposium at the eHealth 2005 Conference. I’ll be speaking during the evening session on Sunday May 1st, 2005. My talk will be about the definition of eHealth (shameless self plug here) and my “vision” for the future of eHealth. I’ll post my presentation file once the conference is over.

Also, I’ve been asked to facilitate the student session on the Electronic Health Record/EHR. There are two presentations scheduled for this session:

  • “A systematic review of international electronic health records (EHR) activities” by A.T. Es-Sayyed; and,
  • “The reality of electronic health records implementation – health policy analysis” by Shuo Wang and Sandra Donnelly

The student symposium is being organized by Anita Stern.