Aggh!! My computer just died

Aghh!! My desktop computer just died (actually, it’s my mom’s and I just use it on occasion). I had purchased it on Feb. 04, 2005 to replace another dead PC. What’s up with this string of back luck? I took this machine apart and basically re-built it, and yet it will not start. Maybe this string of back luck is caused by buying inexpensive parts (all older name-brand parts) and building a budget computer.

The thing I wonder is that as we move more toward an “ehealth world”, how are busy health professionals supposed to handle computer breakdowns? Most are not very computer savvy. Will health professionals be forced to receive support from organizations that have comprehensive computer and technical support? Does this mean contracts for services from Dell, HP, IBM, or another computer firm? I understand that all devices will fail eventually. But, what happens if the computer fails/crashes/breaks-down during a critical moment like when “visiting” with a patient, identifying treatment options, looking up lab results just prior to treatment, or even ordering some procedure?

Well, hopefully I’ll be able to get this issue resolved when I go and see the reps at the store where I bought the computer (CanadaComputers). They seem to have the best prices – let’s see what the support is like. I suspect that I’ll only be able to take advantage of the manufacturer’s warranty. Maybe it’s time for me to try out the Mac Mini…






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  1. Joseph Avatar

    should have bought the mac mini