Canadian Medical Association Leadership Series: Future Practice 2005

The Canadian Medical Association (CMA) released a new publication in their Leadership Series titled Future Practice 2005.

The report is a series of articles directed toward physicians about the use of technology in their office and also provides some updates as to the current state of telemedicine and electronic health records in Canada. I haven’t had a chance to read the articles over in detail, but some of them seem interesting (from a knowledge translation perspective). Here’s a list of the articles:

The articles seem to be organized in sections:

Getting Started:

  • Editorial: Tools for the future
  • Adapting an office to IT is about people not technology
  • Rapid but cautious
  • Our path to computerization
  • Helping hospitals make the right decisions

Getting Ahead:

  • Barriers to EMRs and how to overcome them (2 articles)
  • Tracking cardiac care online
  • NLMA works toward provincial EMR
  • Bringing the EHR to the Canadian Forces

Getting the Facts:

  • Electronic sentinel of our health system
  • How are we doing? Reported IT use in the NPS
  • Telemedicine

Getting Connected:

  • Is the digital island secure?



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