IQPC’S Innovations in E-Health & Informatics Europe

by Hans on 2011/06/05

There’s an interesting conference coming up on innovation and ehealth titled “IQPC’s Innovations in E-Health & Informatics Europe“. The conference is designed:

“specifically designed to address the concerns and challenges of the European market. Healthcare providers across the continent are looking forward to the day when EU-wide e-health collaboration is a reality, when data can flow freely yet securely across institutional and international boundaries, thus increasing efficiency and improving patient outcomes—and healthcare IT personnel are working toward this goal by the careful selection, implementation and improvement of informatics”

Based on the speakers, I think the conference will be a good blend of industry and research/academic perspectives. Both perspectives are great as they highlight the need for practical approaches but challenge us to push for the “ideal” and investigate issues that can often get overlooked.

Not sure if I’ll be able to attend, but it looks to be a good one.

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